Intensive care A7-Ventilator offers the highest ventilator performance and revolutionary operation designed for every ventilation therapy, whether invasive, non-invasive, mask or tube, the unique A7 has been developed and designed by experts in the respiratory field.

7in Touch Screen Oxygen & Sensor Controls Inhale & Exhale Base Mount 360 Handle Humidifier Mount Rear access panel Oxygen Mount Utilities Tray Diaphragm & Pump Chamber

7in Touch Screen

7in touch screen incorporates Manual, CV, VS & ACV modes and many more customization features unique to each patient with user friendly self guided navigation.

·        Manual – Allows patient breath with titrated oxygen at pre-set percentage

·        CV – Controlled ventilation at pre-set respiratory rate, volume, pressure, and flow

·        VS – Volume support monitors patient respiratory rate, delivering a breath if required

·        ACV – Asist control will sense a patient’s breath and deliver a set volume at a set flow rate

Oxygen & Sensor Controls

Includes Oxygen blender for the ultimate concentration accuracy

Ability to recognize changes in lung compliance and resistance as well as the patient’s spontaneous activity

• Fully automated control of the patient’s ventilation and oxygenation
• Real-time patient respiratory synchronization

Inhale & Exhale

Adaptive, lung-protective ventilation
The A7-Ventilator is adaptive supporting the earliest possible spontaneous breathing by the patient. Following the current recommendations for lung-protective ventilation in terms of tidal volumes and driving pressure with over pressure and patient disconnect alarms.

Invasive ventilation & non-invasive ventilation capability

Base Mount

Mobile stability base with 4x easy-roll locking wheels.

360 Handle

Ultimate mobility handle for easy maneuvering and componentry protection. The A7 Ventilator is made of a medical grade polypropylene plastic for easy clean and minimal assembled parts.

Humidifier Mount

Stainless Steel Humidifier mount.
You can configure the A7-Ventilator in several different ways to customize the device for your environment. Development of the A7 has been completed in close cooperation with users and ventilation experts, our engineers have designed a user friendly interface on the A7-Ventilator to help you to individualize your patient's ventilation and to implement a lung-protective ventilation strategy.

Rear access panel

Rear Access Panel

Available for maintenance checks and calibration the rear access panel houses AC power connection and switch controls, air regulator for direct air control.

Oxygen Mount

Integrated oxygen bottle Mount including base and velcro easy mount straps for mobile transfer of patients. The A7 Ventilator maintains fully automated control of the patient’s ventilation and oxygenation.

Utilities Tray

Built in utilities tray for laptop or tablet mount.

Diaphragm & Pump Chamber

Unique diaphragm and pump chamber design giving a fully controlled natural like breath.

• Height: 830mm
• Width: 360mm
• Length: 360mm
• Weight: 20kg