Foundation Stones

One of the foundation stones of Polymer Systems Group Castle NZ is built up on; Castle Concrete accessories began manufacturing in 1988 what has now become well known as New Zealand’s leading supplier of quality plastic products for the construction industry. Whether it be bar chairs, packing shims, circular spacers, safety caps or other plastic accessories.

The principal activity of the Castle team is providing cutting edge innovation in concrete accessories for the twenty-first century.

Castle began manufacturing Bar Chairs in Palmerston North, New Zealand, in 1988 with a clear focus to respond to market demand and become known as New Zealand’s most trusted and reliable supplier of Plastic Concrete Accessories. Following on from a spread to different locations of manufacture through increased demand we consolidated all processes in 2004 under one roof – Polymer Systems International Ltd in Napier.

Incorporating latest technology in tooling, robotics handling and automation Castle NZ is at the front of it’s game as the dominating supplier of plastic concrete accessories in New Zealand.

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