Reinventing Residential Foundations

Polymer Systems have been an integral part of the design and manufacture of the revolutionary QPOD Earth Friendly Foundation System. Optimizing recycled plastic materials the all-new QPOD flooring system is part of the fast paced and rapidly evolving New Zealand construction industry. 

Upon setting out on the journey to discover a recycled plastic alternative to the ever popular Polystyrene ‘Waffle Pod’ Systems we had to understand the many demanding forces and parameters of a completely new market. Being familiar to the construction industry through the involvement in Castle NZ manufacturing Barchairs since 1988 it was familiar ground but none the less also challenging.

The Early designs of QPOD were founded in our Napier Facility where we engaged extensively in 3D modeling expertise and produced several prototypes using 3D printing technologies. Once developed to a satisfactory point the whole range of QPOD Parts and accessories were required to fill the ranks of the complete QPOD offering. In sum we completed design of 7x fully functioning dies to be manufactured offshore and made specifically to be manufactured in our Robotic assisted production facilities in Hastings New Zealand. Along with the extensive investment in Research and development then tooling Polymer System also sourced New Injection Moulding capacity to fulfill the demands of the new opportunities ahead.

Launching to the Market in late 2018 the QPOD product has reached out to a nation crying for a recycled plastic alternative to the polystyrene and has been wholly embraced by consumers and designers alike relishing the ‘fresh change’ in the building industry. At Polymer Systems we continually monitor and develop the opportunities ahead introducing new systems and automation to better improve the productivity from the production floor right through to the end user.

QPOD Earth Friendly Flooring is available Nationwide through any merchant store or foundation contractor.