Polymer Systems International Ltd is owned by Stephen Crawshaw is operated by a management group of his five boys.

Stephen’s early beginnings in engineering and agriculture igniting an innovative mindset, starting a rotational moulding from his backyard in 1980. Stephen then went on to further develop an injection moulding business in 1990 and then onto permanent labeling system for plastics in 2000.

From small beginnings, Polymer Systems International continues to grow focusing on improving customer satisfaction through innovative products relating to plastics, solutions to save time, improve flow and reduce waste.

Early 2017,PSI Group purchased Waipak a PET bottle manufacturing plant in Hastings, this led to the development of recycling plastic beverage bottle waste into concrete mesh support chairs, creating another solution to the growing stockpiles of waste which is putting huge pressure on recyclers worldwide.

Now with 40 years of plastic innovation under the belt and a deadly pandemic on or hands, Stephen and the team at PSI have the innovation ‘bull by the horns’ again! See our projects page for updates.


“Brilliance shared” Building relationships with staff, suppliers & customers with respect, honesty, trustworthiness & integrity.


“For every person that comes in contact with our organisation, we see as an opportunity to share ideas and provide a brilliant solution”


Here at PSI we promote a culture of peer support, respect and compassion. To celebrate achievements, share ideas and care for what surrounds us.


Stand up for your team, treat them respectfully and encourage their potential.


Recognise the good stuff that gets done, celebrate wins big and small.


Have an open mind, give it a go, include your team to develop brilliance.


Sort, shine and standardise. Unclutter your space for a ‘struggle free’ environment.