Made in New Zealand & A World First in Quad Safety!

Award Winning & Life Saving.

When this particular company approached Polymer Systems International, they were looking for a supplier who would support them in designing a highly functional and innovative product; A Flexible CPD (Crush Protection Device) or commonly known as a ‘roll bar’

The LifeGuard® is totally different to the average bar – if the LifeGuard® itself hits you in the event of a rollover, it will flex around you but still provide space under the Quad.

The LifeGuard® is made up of a string of segments threaded through 2 x tensioned cables. Each segment had to be firm yet light, designed to operate as a team each segment requires an adequate cooling time to ensure a perfect product form every mould cycle.

Shape and design by LifeGuard®. Mould design and functionality by Polymer Systems Int.

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